Hey there!
My name is Wieger, and I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I make a lot of different things, and you could be my next client! I’m punctual, passionate and competent.

Most importantly, though: I understand my job. Allow me to explain!

Wieger Jonker Wieger Jonker

1: A pretty picture

Let’s not beat around the bush. The most important thing a graphic designer or illustrator has to offer are the pretty pictures. Whether you’re in need of a serious, fun or very angry piece of work - it’s gotta look good. Check out my portfolio to see examples of my work!

Wieger cool


For a lot of creatives, the question is:
“How do I get this idea into my style?”
For me, it’s the other way around:
“What’s the best style for this idea?”

Quiznos’ Calendar Illustration

quiznos poster

Carte Noire on Coffee Infographic

quiznos poster

Rio 2016

quiznos poster

2: We gotta talk!

Second: communication. Communication is key! Sure, I can make a pretty picture.
But who’s to say the pretty picture will be the same you had in mind?
Clear, meaningful communication. That’s how I visualize what you have in mind.

Wieger talk

You have and idea. And you know exactly what it'll look like!



I hear you! But... There's so many ways to go.

gears big gear small gear



So I'll need ALL
the information you can give me.

gears big gear small gear


For the perfect result!



3: Trust me.

Last but not least: quality control. I’m a professional, and I know what is and what is not good design. And I’ll tell you what you do, and don’t want. I’ll give arguments, examples, and I’ll convince you. It’s my job!

Wieger trust
butcher supermarket

In 2015 Wieger Graduated at the Utrecht University of Arts

Bachelor in Art and Technology With Honours(!)